Valuence helps Businesses get
Profitable Insights with the Power of
Big Data Analytics
Marketing, Retail and Risk Analytics

What we do

You have data, lots of it.

About your customers, your marketing metrics, your operations, transactional data, POS data, supply chain data, data from your online properties like your website, social media and many other forms of unstructured data. You know that you can use this data to derive answers to important questions about your business – by harnessing the power of big data analytics.

That’s where we come in. We are Valuence Analytics

We are a big data analytics company. We use descriptive and predictive analytics to identify trends and patterns that are nearly impossible to recognize through traditional analysis.
Big data analytics can bring you unique insights about several aspects of your business. You will be able to segment your prospects better and make more customized offerings, you can launch products that are far more likely to succeed, you can minimize your financial risks and optimize your supply chains. Big data analytics helps you take smarter, more accurate and faster decisions about all these areas and more.

What can we do for you?

Marketing Analytics

Get profitable insights about your customers and prospects that only big data can reveal. Focus your efforts on what matters most and maximize your revenue.

Retail Analytics

Know what customers want and give it to them at the right time and price. Predict demand, stock the right levels of inventory and optimize your supply chain.

Risk  Analytics

Increase your loan approval rates and minimize the number of defaults at the same time. Use the power of big data to assess insurance risk and determine more accurate premiums.

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